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Daryl BernstenArmed with a Nikon D610, a tripod and a light meter, photographer Darryl Bernsten likes to start days off from his job as head chef of HeatherGlen Golf Course when no one is around.

“Usually, if I have an off day, and my wife and daughter are busy, I’ll leave around 5:30 in the morning,” says Bernsten.

A landscape photographer, Bernsten’s love for being behind the camera came from the times he spent camping with his parents.

“I started 20 years ago, and back then you had to wait to see if you shot the right moment.”

These moments in particular are partially the reason why Bernsten started Forever Captured Memories Photography about six years ago.

“When I go out and take pictures, not a lot of people are around, so I want (others) to be able to see that moment.”

Some moments that Bernsten has been able to capture include trips to Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, and a moving trip to France.

While visiting the Vimy Ridge Memorial, Bernsten recalls being able to find and capture some experiences that continue to fill him with emotion.

Daryl Bernsten for Airdrie Life Magazine. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski“My wife and I were walking around the memorial, trying to find the cemetery to pay our respects,” says Bernsten. “There just happened to be an area behind the memorial with no trees, and when I looked up, I went, ‘that’s the moment.’

“I will never forget that wave of emotion I felt as I walked the grounds and even a little bit of pride at knowing I came from the same country as the men who fought and died there,” Bernsten says.

“I made a point of walking by, reading each headstone, and saying thank you to those who fought and died.

“I took over 10,000 photographs on that trip.”

Bernsten is a self-taught photographer with a passion for his art and the stories behind each shot.

“I am always trying to learn how to master my camera,” says Bernsten. “I’ve bought a lot of books on things I find interesting, with the book series I read being From Snapshots to Great Shots.”

The public has chances to get up close with Bernsten’s work as he is a member of the Airdrie

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