Airdrie Film Festival

The fledgling Airdrie Film Society is set to kick off its second festival this fall during AirdrieFEST.

Dubbed the Airdrie Film Festival, the society’s vice-president, Mitchell George, is clear about its purpose.

“Airdrie is filled with an insane amount of artists, and really talented people. We want to keep them here.”

Last year’s festival was more of an informal film screening, he says, with some Canadian content, but this fall’s event will include awards that recognize the work local filmmakers are doing.

There will be around 10 films, not all local, but will include a selection from the city’s growing industry.

“We want to see as much local content as possible, and we want to make sure (filmmakers) have somewhere to showcase their content and not have to leave Airdrie to do that.”

George says what festival-goers will see are the dreams and hard work of people who are keen to entertain their audiences.

“At the end of the day, it’s a celebration, it’s a community thing, and anyone who is proud to live here should come out and view at least one of their films.

“It means the world to them.”

Airdrie Film Festival runs on Saturday, Sept. 9.

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