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2017 Amazing Airdrie Women

Just over 140 guests enjoyed being treating as VIPs from the minute they arrived, with custom swag bags, complimentary prosecco and a gourmet lunch. Laughter ensued with comedian Cory Mack and then it was on to the emotional highlight of the day – the presentation of the five awards.

2017 Amazing Airdrie Women Awards

2017 Amazing Airdrie Women Awards

Presented by Pharmasave and airdrielife magazine   Thank you for all of the great nominations! They are now closed. Stay tuned for more news! The nominations are open for the 2017 Pharmasave airdrielife Amazing Airdrie Women Awards. Awards are open to women ages 16+. The Amazing Promise Award is open to young women 12 – 21 years. AWBA Amazing Promise – (must be 21 and under) a young woman whose initiative and enthusiasm promises for a

2016 Finalists Announced

A total of 37 women were nominated and finalists were selected based on a 50/50 split of public online voting and votes cast by the event sponsors, past recipients and editorial team of airdrielife.

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