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AWBA Amazing Promise Nominees

AWBA Amazing Promise – a young woman (21 and under) whose initiative and enthusiasm promises for a bright future.

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Abigail Kube – FINALIST

Abigail Kube is a young artist in the making.

Already, Kube is a member of the public art committee and has displayed her art at the Bert Business Showcase. “She has tremendous focus on what she wants out of life,” says her father, Dale Kube.

The teen is currently enrolled at Bert Church High School, with plans to attend Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) after graduation to build her skills as an artist.

I’m a self-taught artist and I work in many mediums and styles

“I’m a self-taught artist and I work in many mediums and styles,” Abigail says. “I have always been fascinated with the characters and stories in animated films and video games and I want to specialize in creating concept art and character designs.”

Abigail credits the positive impact stories and characters have had on her as her inspiration and hopes to create the same experience for other people one day. “There is a lot of joy in knowing other people enjoy what you’re creating,” she says.

She has already thrown herself into the art community of Airdrie and believes that giving back – in one way or another – is important. She took on the role with the public art committee as a way to get involved in her community through art.

“I believe art should not be limited to galleries,” she says. “Art should be as present as possible in daily life.”

Madison Warne – FINALIST

Madison Warne is a 17-year-old student in Grade 12 at Bert Church High School.

The oldest of three siblings, Warne is a voracious reader who loves photography, image manipulation and graphic design. Last year, she competed at Skills Alberta in Edmonton in the graphic design category, where she finished fourth.

I get the most enjoyment out of seeing a small spark of imagination turn into something concrete

“Not one to put herself in the limelight, Madison is one of those incredibly hard-working people who just gets it done and works exceedingly hard for the entire team,” says Warne’s teacher, Tracey Sweetapple.

Warne is always one of the first students to join a new project or group at school and has done everything from creating props for drama productions to editing photos and videos to sewing hundreds of poppies for a Remembrance Day tribute project.

“I get the most enjoyment out of seeing a small spark of imagination turn into something concrete,” she says. “I love the way people pull together, so that all of the contributions have a substantial impact.”

Warne plans to move to Calgary after high school to enrol in post-secondary. “I’m still deciding on what path to take,” she says. “There are so many interesting programs.”

Miranda Schmidt – 2016 Recipient

Teenager Miranda Schmidt is an award-winning piano player.

The Grade 12 student at Bert Church High School won the Qualico Youth Artist Award last year for her participation in music, specifically piano. “I study piano and I am working towards completing my Grade 10 piano certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music – my last exam is in April,” Schmidt says.

Along with her normal piano lessons, Schmidt studies music theory, harmony and history. She teaches piano to beginner students and has taken part in the Airdrie Rotary Festival of Performing Arts for the past four years, last year at the provincial level.

A smart, talented and driven young woman, Schmidt began playing piano when she was only four years old. “I believe music can have a positive impact on people,” she says, “and I love the fact that I can give others the opportunity to experience it.”

She is a perfect example of what is great about students in Airdrie

The teen is also a committed volunteer who helps at Airdrie Urgent Care and her church.

After graduation, Schmidt is planning to pursue a career in medicine – she wants to be a doctor.

“Miranda is an amazing young woman who is academically disciplined,” says Bert Church teacher Jennifer Williams. “She is a perfect example of what is great about students in Airdrie, and a promise for our future.”

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