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awesome airdrie kids

airdrielife is pleased to introduce you to the first recipients of the Awesome Airdrie Kids Awards, sponsored in part by Sullys. We created this program to recognize the contributions our youth make to our city through their leadership.

Mike’s Journey

Mike Loughman for Airdrie Life Magazine. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

The 2017 Soul of Airdrie Award belongs to second-time nominee, Mike Ploughman. Loughman has been a big advocate for mental health in Airdrie and knows the importance of reducing the stigma. He spends time at local schools speaking about depression and bullying, in the hopes of inspiring others through his stories.

Enter Stage Right

Bert Church Theatre Airdrie

Theresa Cochran is the new team lead of the Bert Church Theatre (BCT). We asked her to introduce herself, talk about the upcoming season and tell us why live performances matter.

Men with Class

When we started looking this spring for male teachers who are making a difference, we were inundated with names from W.H. Croxford, Airdrie’s newest high school (which opened in 2014). In the process we discovered not only some admirable educators, but we engaged with students who had a passion for photography and let them focus their lenses on their teachers.

Safe at Last


Once a year, Christelle Hitimana’s mother makes the long trip to Airdrie from Rwanda to visit her daughter.

Community Super Heroes


The 2016 Volunteer of the Year Awards acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Airdrie’s volunteers. While the winners were announced in May, we decided to wait for our heroes issue to give them their due with, appropriately, a superhero photo shoot! Thanks to The Store Upstairs we were able to outfit each of our recipients and representatives in technicolour costumes that really seemed to suit their own super attitudes toward making Airdrie a great place to live.

A Biggar Family of Heroes

Kaley Biggar, Airdrie

During her pregnancy, doctors told Vicki and her husband, Brodie, that one of the twins had heart issues; it would be more challenging than that. Kaley was born with Down syndrome, a severe heart defect and several other complications.

Baby Heroes

This summer, Airdrie photographer and mom-of-four Charlene Codio decided to do a personal photo project on the subject of breastfeeding. Sixteen area moms boldly stepped up to the challenge with Charlene, and thanks to the assistance of her photographer husband Rafael Codio, they set the stage at a local acreage for a gorgeous and tranquil portrait of the beauty of breastfeeding.

Community Heart

airdrielife puts the spotlight on everyday heroes we can all celebrate.

Art Class

Airdrie dance team

Meet six Airdrie teachers who inspire their charges every day to think and live creatively.

Ones to Watch 2016

Meet five aspiring artists and performers who are taking their talent to the next level.

Can’t Stop the Feeling Airdrie


When Justin Timberlake released the video for Can’t Stop the Feeling, communities across North America got into the feel good vibe of the song and started creating their own versions. At airdrielife we were just as enthralled by these feel-good videos and decided Airdrie needed one too!

Men We Admire

Welcome to our annual look at men whom we admire; for their passions, determination, dedication and their sense of honour.

Heroes & Heroines


Each winter, airdrielife likes to focus on people in the community who are going above and beyond. Meet some of Airdrie’s everyday heroes.

Trey’s Turn

Cancer-free for five years, Trey Elkins, now 22, is using his invaluable time to give back.

Creative Genius


Airdrie is filled with artistic talent, especially in the under-25 category. Here airdirelife introduces some of those highly creative people who express themselves in a wide variety of ways. Watch for these names in the years to come.

Positively Perfect


Airdrie’s Caitlin Haacke has made headlines (and talk shows) around the world for her simple gesture with a piece of sticky paper. Here with airdrielife she shares her vision. Positive Post It Day is to be celebrated Oct 5, 2015. airdrielife is proud to be a sponsor Humanity, benevolence and tenderness. These are a few of the words I use to describe kindness. But perhaps the true connection to these words is “positivity.” In October

Men We Admire

Jamie and Brody Atkin

Airdrie is full of men we admire. You know them – the guy who always shovels the sidewalk of his elderly neighbours; the man who helps out at every event at his children’s school; the gentleman who generously supports needy causes in the community – anonymously; the City utility worker who responds to late-night callouts with a smile on his face; the teacher who touches lives and opens doors; the firefighters, police officers, emergency medical

Home Schooled


An extraordinary school experiment is building momentum thanks to the teachers who make it work For Airdrie educators Ed Polhill, Mark Turner and Jarett Hooper, “home schooling” has a whole different meaning. That’s because the three are advocates for an innovative program called Building Futures that takes 32 Grade 10 students from Airdrie’s three public high schools and gives them the chance to combine the three Rs with real-world, hands-on experience, learning what goes into

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