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Airdrie’s Caitlin Haacke has made headlines (and talk shows) around the world for her simple gesture with a piece of sticky paper. Here with airdrielife she shares her vision.

Positive Post It Day is to be celebrated Oct 5, 2015. airdrielife is proud to be a sponsor

Humanity, benevolence and tenderness. These are a few of the words I use to describe kindness. But perhaps the true connection to these words is “positivity.”

In October 2014, I had a run-in with the very opposite of these words. A student in my school made the decision to bully – and broke into my locker. On my social media, this person posted a status for 400 people on my friends list to view, like and share. This story became step one to changing the world.

Less than a week later, I decided that I wanted to put an end to the negativity I saw in my own school halls. My solution began after I saw a story on Pinterest of two teens who plastered their school in positive messages after a fellow classmate’s suicide. This being my light-bulb moment, I decided to try this for myself. One trip to Sobeys and 800 Post-it® notes later, step two of changing the world was executed. I covered my school in ‘Positive Post-its,’ which were essentially a sticky with a message. But not just any message.

They began simply – “You are beautiful” and “Love yourself” – and then evolved into phrases, such as: “You are a sprinkle cupcake in a world full of muffins.” After some initial planning, the citizens of Airdrie helped me to create the first annual Positive Post-it Day – a day based on the philosophy of benevolence and the ability to show each other kindness. But what was originally one girl and a dream became millions and Positive Post-it Day went viral!

Airdrie, my beautiful home, taught me the true meaning of kindness. The very first notice of support was in our local Frilly Lilly, where hundreds of Post-its could be viewed in the window. Next came Pureform Radiology, where a positive “Thank You” wall hung. And it surely didn’t stop there – schools, workplaces, stores and homes bore the symbol of the Positive Post-it, which became a true emblem of Airdrie.

My community was the key to kindness, and it still is. Airdrie has helped me change the world and will always be my true home.

Whether it be an initiative to combat bullying, the key to mental health issues or simply a way to show you care, please make sure to share your Positive Post-its this Oct. 5, which will be the second annual Positive Post-it Day. Let’s teach the world the power of a positive phrase! From here in Airdrie to the opposite side of the planet, this year’s day is aiming to be the largest one on an international scale. My hope is to see a photo of a Post-it on every continent, and maybe even on the International Space Station. Can we do it? 

“And in this advanced bustling world, in this digital world, one act of kindness spread. One piece of paper, a very analog idea and a girl who chose to care changed the world.”

Caitlin Haacke, Tedx Teen 2015

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