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This summer, Airdrie photographer and mom-of-four Charlene Codio decided to do a personal photo project on the subject of breastfeeding. Seventeen area moms boldly stepped up to the challenge with Charlene, and thanks to the assistance of her photographer husband Rafael Codio, they set the stage at a local acreage for a gorgeous and tranquil portrait of the beauty of breastfeeding.

“Too many women are ashamed and scared to breastfeed in public because of the messed-up ideas some people have about it,“ says Charlene.

“Breastfeeding is something that is absolutely amazing and beautiful, and a gift that you can give your child. It is the most selfless thing a mother can give her baby.

“I know there are some mothers who choose not to breastfeed and others that just can’t. But this is really just in celebration of the beauty of breastfeeding, and trying to show people that it is normal and okay to do,” she adds.

“I hope that through this project … more women are able to breastfeed in public and not feel ashamed,” says Charlene.

Project, ideas and wardrobe: Charlene Codio
Flowers: Lori Harahap
Makeup: Lucero Proudlock and Sarika Mehta
Photo: Rafael Codio, CODIO Photography

Back row, left to right: Samantha Powell, Arielle Bierkos, Lindsey Miko, T.C. Jordens, Lori Harahap, Caira Haynes, Charlene Codio
Middle row, left to right: Sarah-Jane Moar, Heather Hilley, Sonja Kolstad, Kellie Richards, Chelsea Maxwell
Front row, left to right: Michelle Gross, Cassandra Cavanaugh, Dominique Michaud, Sian Pilkington, Jessy Crawford

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