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Harder Homes is planning a stunner of a showhome for 2016 that Wayne Harder believes will be a winner with families looking to become residents of Cooper’s Crossing.

“It’s going to show some new ideas and new things that have come to market and we are very excited about it,” says the company’s founder. “It has a very nice flow for a family in mind and it’s stunning. The layout is absolutely stunning.

“I don’t want to go into too many details because it’s going to surprise,” Harder adds. “It’s a four-bedroom home with not just an ensuite that’s very unique but one bedroom that’s very unique, as well.”

The custom home builder, who founded his company in 2008 with his wife, Simona, opened a first showhome in 2013 at 620 Cooper’s Landing. Homes start at around $750,000 with the most expensive residence Harder has built in the community to date (located in Cooper’s Park) topping out at $1.3 million.

Heading into the fall the company had just a few lots remaining in Cooper’s Park, Harder says, and had finished in Cooper’s Terrace and Cooper’s Drive. He was working on drawings on the new showhome prior to Christmas and hopes to have it ready for prospective clients to visit by summer 2016.

In the meantime, Harder Homes was pre-selling 11 estates lots in Cooper’s Landing as of early October.

“We are very excited about them. They are wide, west-facing lots out to water,” Harder says.

The company is rolling with the economic changes that have come to Alberta in the past year and to accommodate for the change, Harder Homes is paying more attention to its renovation business and to building acreages. Harder does report that he is seeing an uptick in visits to his showhome.

“The traffic (at our showhome) has started to increase and it seems there are more people coming out and they are more comfortable with what’s happened in Alberta,” he says. “We are still pretty optimistic that sales are going to continue to go well and we can still grow our company.”

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