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Springing into Action!

Spring is a time of refreshing, both indoors and out. Now is the perfect time to tackle those annual chores that help maintain a clean, organized home.

Jacqui Jepson, owner and operator of The Pink Wand Cleaning Services, recommends making a list of the “must-dos” and spreading the work over a few days to eliminate being overwhelmed with annual tasks.

“Set a deadline for spring cleaning to be done and do an item a day,” she says, noting there is real value in maintaining your home.

“It makes your mind feel clean and organized so you can do a better job with your career and your family.”

Jepson’s annual cleaning and organization list includes going through old clothes and setting aside for donation those that haven’t been worn in the last year.

Pulling out the fridge and stove to clean behind them is also a must, as well as a very satisfying task, says Jepson.

Other duties in the kitchen include scrubbing the inside of the fridge and oven as well as thoroughly wiping the inside of cupboards.

Baseboards can be wiped down one floor at a time to avoid an overwhelming task.

Windows should also be cleaned to enable the sun to shine in over the spring and summer months. Sills and tracks should be wiped weekly to make the annual task of window washing easier.

Walls should be spot-washed in heavy traffic areas every two weeks, and wiped down with a dry mop annually to remove dust. Using a wet method can cause streaks to form.

Carpets should also be cleaned annually, with spring being the perfect time. Jepson also recommends getting furnace ducts cleaned annually to keep the dust down in your home.

Some general cleaning products recommended by Pink Wand staff include the Method line (e.g. almond wood floor cleaner), Pine-Sol (purple lavender for a great scent) and CLR bath and kitchen cleaner (yellow spray bottle) for removing soap scum.

Spring is also a great time to ready your air conditioning unit for the warmer days of summer

Iron Eagle Sheet Metal Ltd. is an Airdrie-based company that provides both heating and air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance for local businesses and residents.

The company recommends the following tasks to keep outdoor air conditioning units running smoothly.

-Check unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary.
-Clean dirt, leaves and debris from the inside cabinet of the unit.
-Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings and remove any obstructions.
-Inspect the unit’s coil and cabinet and clean as needed.
-Inspect the fan motor and blades for wear and damage. Lubricate older models as necessary.
-Inspect control box, associated controls and accessories, wiring and connections. Controls may include contactors, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, sump heat and other accessories. All control box and electrical parts should be checked for wear or damage.
-Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage.

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