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Midtown AirdrieThe Midtown residential development in Airdrie has been designed around a central pond which has been a great selling feature to potential homebuyers.

“That’s the main focus. It’s the major amenity. We’ve also built a bridge going across the pond to connect it from a pedestrian perspective,” says Brenden Montgomery, general manager of land development for Wenzel Developments. “All product type is there. We have duplexes, townhomes, single-family homes.

“We’ve had a really positive response from people in general, especially at all the events we’ve done so far,” says Montgomery. “Because everything’s built up around Midtown, you have all your amenities already there. There’s a grocery store up the street.

“Anything you can’t get inside Midtown from a commercial/retail perspective … it’s already built very close within walking distance and that’s not common for a new community. Usually you have to wait a number of years for those amenities to happen.”

Midtown is a joint venture between Trico Homes, Excel Homes and Shane Homes. It is being managed by Wenzel Developments and Apex.

It is a 90-acre site with a mix of different kinds of residential offerings and a commercial site in the northwest corner. Located on Eighth Street just north of Yankee Valley Boulevard, it is directly north of the community of Luxstone. Retail space will be about 20,500 square feet.

The commercial site is three acres with the biggest use a Co-op gas bar, convenience store, liquor store and car wash. A Tim Hortons has already opened. There will be a number of other stores as well.

Construction on the project started in 2015 with sales beginning in 2016. Two initial phases have already been built.

Montgomery says the project will consist of approximately 600 homes, with an anticipated three- to four-year build out.

On the west side of the pond is a large plaza, a community gathering space where people can hold events. All the different parks throughout the community are connected to the central plaza through pathway systems and sidewalks.

Montgomery adds Midtown, an urban oasis in the heart of Airdrie, is designed so homeowners can experience the village charm that brings family and friendships home.

Midtown’s philosophy is to create remarkable residential opportunities defined by architectural integrity and craftsmanship, building connections between people and their community.

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