The Amazing Woman cave (retreat)

The men have taken over the garage AND the basement and let’s face it, it’s a good thing they have that place to go sometimes, but let’s find us a little spot! We know we’re supposed to take a break from all the nose wiping, macaroni cooking, sports taxiing and calendar traffic controlling to ‘take care of ourselves’ … but who has room on the calendar to fit that in? Let’s find a reprieve right inside our homes. It’s all ready to go when you find yourself with 10 minutes to yourself or even, GASP, an hour of time to fill.

Cozy reading corner

Transform an unused corner with a big comfy chair and a blanket laid over the arm. Add a side table with a lamp and a cute little flower arrangement. If there’s room, a small bookcase tucked behind the table will complete the space and provide easy access to your favourite books. Perfect for a quiet afternoon read and a cup of tea.

Creative closet

Turn that junk closet into a desk space for your sudden burst of creativity. Organize all your markers, glue, fabrics and stencils so that when the mood strikes, you have a little craft station. Pin up inspiration pictures of future projects you’d like to tackle.

Hammock in the yard

Create an outdoor space so you can enjoy the beautiful fresh air in the summertime and those occasional days in January when you actually consider leaving the house without a jacket! Solar lights create a beautiful ambience for those quiet evenings. Flowers always make a space cheery.

Fitness spot

Whether you have an elliptical machine or a yoga mat and some weights, you can make this space chic. A small bookcase with bottled water and towels will keep everything tidy and looking attractive, too. Inspiring artwork defines the space but it’s also much nicer than the typical sad little space in which we try to motivate ourselves.

Creating any space is as much about planning the details of function as it is about making it stylish and inviting. Beauty and function are equally necessary to create a space in which you want to be. Spend the time to add your own special touches. Each of these spots will be discovered and loved by the rest of the family, but at least you’ll have a little spot for you to keep on keeping on. It takes effort to be AMAZING!

Decorator Kim Purvis, owner of Aurora Decor, is pursuing her lifelong passion of creating beautiful home spaces

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