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Bargain hunting for home decor
It’s garage sale season!

There are lots of websites for selling and buying great used stuff throughout the year, but nothing beats grabbing a coffee on a Saturday morning and perusing the neighborhood garage sales. People are busy purging their homes to create more space and I’m running around grabbing all kinds of projects that I’ll eventually get to … maybe. There is such a variety of things to tempt you. It’s fun to get out and meet the neighbours but sometimes it’s tough to decide if the item you want is worth the price or if you’ll actually use it.

I’ve compiled a list of ideas for making the hunt fun and successful!

  1. The item needs to be sturdy or you need to know that you can easily fix it or have it fixed. Dining room chairs can be painted, and switching out the fabric will bring them back to life, but if they aren’t sturdy they are not worth the effort.
  2. Take inventory of your home before you leave the house to garage sale shop. Make a note of what you’d love to find, what you definitely do not need more of, and an idea of space available. That way, when you come across that gorgeous buffet that just needs new hardware you won’t hesitate.
  3. Go prepared with cash. Set a budget and stick to it. One of my children’s favourite things is to have a $10 budget that they can spend however they like. Let me tell you, we’ve come home with some gems (wink-wink).
  4. Stacking books with a small vase or personal item on top is a beautiful way to dress up a bookshelf. Think of how much money you can save purchasing books and vases at a garage sale. If you don’t like the cover or the subject of the books, wrapping them in craft paper adds some fun colour and disguises the book (win-win).
  5. Plan which garage sales you’d like to hit. Garage sale signs are often posted a day or two ahead as well as being listed in the local paper or online websites. Of course the earlier you go, the better the finds.

My house is full of garage sale and secondhand finds that I love. I have fond memories of finding certain items, refinishing them and (sometimes) the hours I spent convincing my loving husband of the potential I could see.

Beautiful decor doesn’t always need to be new and expensive. Decor in your home needs to be beautiful in your eyes and it’s even better if it represents a special memory.

– Decorator Kim Purvis, owner of Aurora Decor, is pursuing her lifelong passion of creating beautiful home spaces

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