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Patio covers are an ingenious way to extend our summer season. Here, Ira Hanson-Ralph, of Big Sky Patios, explains why they are also a great investment in your home.

 Affordable home reno with high return
One of the most affordable and non-invasive home improvement projects you can make, patio covers have an immediate and long-term return on investment, offering immediate protection from the elements and increased property value down the road.

In tough economic times, turn your yard into an enviable vacation destination
For a fraction of the cost of a one-time vacation, a patio cover turns your backyard into a year-round oasis for years to come. Grab a glass of wine and watch the sun set from your outdoor family room, entertain and cook for guests in your outdoor kitchen, or watch the kids and pets splash in the kiddie pool while protected from harmful UV rays. Easily hang outdoor curtains for additional privacy or flowers for ambience.

Extend patio season with an affordable patio cover
The benefits of a patio cover extend throughout the year. Patio season can start as early as May and extend into late October, especially with the help of a small portable space heater. Fire up the BBQ in winter without having to shovel away the snow! In particularly windy areas, a glass windwall or screen wall can easily be added, transforming the covered area into an even cozier retreat. During the hot summer months, a cover reduces the amount of heat directly entering the home and provides an 8-10 degree temperature drop underneath.

Building for Alberta’s unique climate
Patio covers come in many styles and options, but not all are recommended for Alberta’s unique climate. Where steel, vinyl or wood will rust, crack or rot over time, powder-coated aluminum offers excellent durability, is lightweight but strong, and is virtually maintenance free. Dust and dirt can easily be sprayed off with a hose or wiped away with a damp soapy cloth. The popular cloth-covered shelters available at big box stores are not capable of handling the UV rays of Alberta’s year-round sunny skies, or the snow loads of Canadian winters. Cloth covers and umbrellas fade, stain and tear easily, and are often sent airborne by surprise prairie wind gusts. Only aluminum patio covers are uniquely suited for Alberta’s unpredictable weather – sunny one minute, followed by wind, hail or snow the next.

Make the most of your money and time
Invest in your most valuable asset – your home. A patio cover adds outdoor living space and creates a memorable home vacation option that can be enjoyed all year round.

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