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Kim_Purvis_7102_1I love Christmas. I love everything about it. It’s central to my faith; there are lots of occasions to dress up and celebrate with friends and family, opportunities to serve our community, bless loved ones with thoughtful treasures and decorate! My tree may have already been up for a while….

Here is my list of suggestions for decorating your home for the holidays so it feels festive and works with your year-round decor.

  • Find a place for your tree where it can be enjoyed from several spots in the house. It’s ideal if you have a spot where you can appreciate the tree from the kitchen, living room and dining room. It gives off such a beautiful glow!
  • Put your tree lights and any other lit decor on timer plugs so that they come on at a predetermined time without the effort of squeezing behind the tree in those tight spots to plug it in.
  • Decorate your tree and items around your house in a similar scheme to your already existing decor. This is easier than ever with all of the Christmas colour options out there. Non-traditional colour schemes are often the most striking. This year I incorporated a lot more grey into my decor.
  • Combine the glittery and bright stuff with some natural decoration, such as branches and pine cones. Slices of wood are also very popular right now. A combination of glass vases of different shapes and sizes with real cranberries and candles in them makes a beautiful centrepiece.
  • Don’t forget to set aside time for making each of your gifts beautiful. The perfect finishing touch to a lovely tree is a handful of carefully wrapped presents for those you love. I’ve rarely purchased a single gift by the time my tree goes up (in fact, the Halloween candy is still kicking around) so I like to wrap a few empty boxes at the beginning to complete the look right away. The key to this is wrapping as you go, not on Christmas Eve, and keeping a stash of supplies handy – different rolls of ribbon, sprigs of branches and berries and lots of tape.
  • Most importantly, leave time to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Decorator Kim Purvis, owner of Aurora Decor, is pursuing her lifelong passion of creating beautiful home spaces

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