Gates Open

Mattamy Homes has walked across the street from its popular Southwinds project to add a new townhome community that will suit a wide range of buyers.

Mattamy’s manor townhomes – with the majority of the 159-unit The Gates at Hillcrest project representing a new product – are front-drive townhouses with rear yards.

“It’s a larger townhome product that you don’t typically see in the market,” says Warren Saunders, Mattamy’s vice president of sales and marketing.

“We are basically targeting those buyers [who] are either young couples starting out or downsizers [who] are looking at it as a transition type of home; or single adults who are living on their own or maybe with one child living at home still,” Saunders says.

The Gates will offer 123 manor townhomes, with front-drive garages and backyards, while the remaining 36 will be village-style, back-to-back townhomes. Manor square footages will range from 1,400 square feet to just under 1,700 sq. ft.

“To get that kind of square footage in a townhome is quite rare so we feel it’s a good fit for what’s needed in the market right now,” Saunders says. “Based on our research, this was something that we were told would be a good fit for that area.”

“We’ve established some good roots in Airdrie and have a big commitment to the community”

The Gates launched in early April, presenting out of the company’s existing sales centre at 907 Windsong Drive.

Mattamy has had an Airdrie presence since 2009, entering the market with Windsong and selling more than 1,000 homes in that community.

“We had a lot of loyal customers [who] came from Windsong and have either referred someone or have moved from Windsong into Southwinds, so we’ve established some good roots in Airdrie and have a big commitment to the community. That’s why we are continuing on with different homes in a different product segment there,” Saunders says.

With The Gates, Mattamy is expected to continue its Value Assurance program that gives customers three choices of specification levels.

“If you are looking at being at a specific price point and maybe on a first-time purchase and you … want to make sure your pricing is the best, then we have an option for that,” Saunders says. “If you are someone who wants a little more included in your home and expect certain things in the fit and finish of your home, then we have that as well.”

Value Assurance allows Mattamy to appeal to a wider segment of buyers, he says. “But, in general, we want to make sure this community is a great value to people when they are looking for a townhouse,” Saunders says, “and it will definitely be positioned that way so people can continue to take advantage of a good-sized townhouse at a reasonable price.”

The Gates will include an environmentally protected area in the southwest corner of the property and some walkout homes, which is not common for townhouses.

“There will be a pathway system on one corner of the community, Saunders says, “and homeowners will have access to parks and amenities already located next door as well as amenities across the street in Southwinds.

“It’s a very good location to access out to the mountains or into the city within 15 minutes with lots of new retail coming and shopping close by,” he adds. “It’s a great spot for [a] very good-valued townhome purchase.”

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