Path in blooming garden

Reinvigorate our outdoor spaces.

As spring arrives and we emerge from our winter hibernation and isolation, we must turn our attention to reinvigorating our outdoor landscapes.

Building and maintaining an attractive and eye-catching yard should involve more than the standard aeration, power rake and debris cleanup. There are so many innovative and unique options for the avid weekend warrior gardener to tackle. Here are the top three landscaping trends to watch for this year:

Sedum sod is coming to our market in late July and is an excellent low input, low maintenance substitution for traditional sod. Ideal for small, urban yards, sedum – a succulent perennial – requires less water and fertilization than typical sod, and provides a unique esthetic to the curb appeal of your home. It’s also a great way to make your neighbours envious.

Edible gardens will become a focus for many as the preference for locally grown, organic vegetables continues to expand. This so called ‘foodie-centric growing’ ensures that you have a constant supply of fresh herbs and vegetables at your fingertips. There is no closer farm than your own backyard!

Pollinator-friendly gardens will continue to be the rage as increased urbanization limits the options such insects as bees have to do their all-important work. Pollinators are vital to sustainability as three-quarters of the foods we eat – fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs – need pollinators to reproduce. In fact, having a pollinator party in your backyard could more than double the yield of edibles in your garden. A true win-win!

The biggest and most important trend to implement this season is to have fun! Share the connection with nature we can curate through gardening with your family, friends and neighbours. Experiment and try new things – maybe you’ll discover the next big trend for 2017!

Brent Park is president of Liquid Amber Landscape Management Ltd.

Path in blooming garden

Lush blooming summer garden with paved path

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