We’re already headed toward the longest day of the year and should be well on our way to having our containers, gardens and flowerbeds growing.

It’s not too late if you’re just getting started – likely our evenings are just starting to get nice and warm. Such cold-sensitive plants as burgundy-coloured grasses, coleus and New Guinea impatiens will just be starting to feel comfortable at night. If you’re just seeding a vegetable garden, choose veggies with a shorter growing season. Weeds will be growing, annuals will need fertilizer and watering is likely a daily chore.

Garden trends for this year include raised gardens, growing your own food and gardening for nature. Raised beds make a gardener’s life a whole lot easier by having everything in reach and making it easy for all ages to enjoy gardening. There’s nothing better than fresh lettuce that’s been grown in your very own tidy garden! Small yards, balconies and shared spaces make raised beds or containers a perfect choice.

A new generation of gardeners is sprouting up, and young people are excited about growing their own food and sharing with their community. Everyone is becoming more environmentally aware by using nature-friendly materials and gardening methods.

Gardening is also being heralded as a form of exercise and is good for our well-being and overall health. More and more, our gardens are becoming an extension of our personality. We use colours, plants and outdoor decor to express who we are. The state of our economy is keeping us at home a little more, thus the desire to create personal and beautiful spaces at home is more important than ever. Entertaining and creating areas that take us from indoors to outdoors allow us to gather family and friends.

Garden decor comes in all styles, colours and shapes and is accessible on all sorts of budgets. Walking through the garden centre, reading garden magazines or virtually flipping through all sorts of pictures provides us with inspiration aplenty.

Be bold, be personal and create beautiful spaces and lush gardens in any form. Summer is upon us and there’s garden work to be done, but let’s make sure we take time to stop and smell the roses!

Lisa Silva is marketing manager with Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centre

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