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A Spring Refresh

Kim PurvisSpring is such an exciting time of year. The new year is a fresh start, but in many ways spring is also a new beginning of sorts. We start to have hope that winter may actually be coming to an end. As the snow melts and the days get longer, there’s a certain energy and excitement for what the future holds.

We can open the windows again and not just because we overcooked dinner. We put lighter blankets on the beds and maybe brighten some of the cozy winter decor throughout the house. Some of us have been barbecuing through the winter, but now we can do it without our boots and tuques!

There are more reasons than the weather or change of seasons to refresh our homes. Perhaps hosting a large upcoming gathering has us re-evaluating our decor, our kids are growing out of their bedroom theme, an out-of-town guest is coming to stay for a while, or we’re just bored with the look of our home.

I’ll be honest, the last room in my house to get a refresh is the basement rec room because, let’s face it, the kids playing mini sticks don’t care if the pillows match the curtains. I also suspect that one of the least common rooms to get a refresh is our master bedrooms. The master bedroom is often a shared space with a loved one, a place to rest at the end of a long day, where you likely recover from illness and the place you retreat for some quiet. I would suggest that while it’s lovely to have a beautiful main floor to entertain friends and family, it’s also very special to invest in your own bedroom.

Spring is the perfect time to create a new beginning in your own private space. Make your master suite a special retreat that allows you to take a deep breath every morning and offers a comforting place to land each night. Even a new duvet cover and co-ordinating pillows will breathe new life into your bedroom.

Consider creating a feature wall behind the headboard with wallpaper or paint. Change up the hardware on your dressers and nightstands. Change the light fixture, or just install a dimmer switch (only if you understand electrical; otherwise, call in the experts). New lamps on the bedside tables will add another layer of lighting and act as art at the same time.

No matter how you decide to refresh your space, create a plan first and have fun with it!

Decorator Kim Purvis, owner of Aurora Decor, is pursuing her lifelong passion of creating beautiful home spaces.

Top 5 design trends I am loving in 2018!

Design trends are tricky. Like any trend they can be over-used and exhausted long before they’re out of style. The key is to only use something if you actually love it and it truly complements your space.

  1. Mixing metals

In a bedroom, for example, you could have a different metal for the light fixture, your furniture hardware, bedside lamps and a side table for the cozy-chair corner. You want your like pieces to have the same metal – all dressers have the same hardware, both bedside lamps are the same, etc. Caution: if every single thing has a different metal you run the risk of things appearing cluttered. (Then you just call it eclectic, wink wink.)

  1. Jewel-toned accent walls

Paint is always a great way to add a little personality to a space, but be careful in your selection of an accent wall.  You want to be featuring a wall.  If the wall has no feature to it, like a fireplace or grand window, add beautiful artwork that complements the wall colour.

  1. Florals patterns

These are making a comeback, especially watercolour florals. Whether it’s wallpaper, accent pillows, artwork and rugs, pairing beautiful florals with edgy geometric patterns create a bold statement.

  1. Brass and gold

This trend is still going strong as a beautiful accent, hardware colour and accessory choice. I’m still a little gun-shy on this one as I haven’t forgotten the over-use of it in the early nineties. It does really warm up a space and, used as an accent, is really stunning.  You won’t see me using it on door knobs and hinges any time soon, though.

  1. Millwork feature walls

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous dimensional accent wall?  It’s such a simple and cost-effective DIY project, with huge impact in a space. These walls are great in living rooms, dining rooms and especially on a headboard wall in a bedroom. Unlike the paint feature wall the dimension of these walls are the feature! Caution: this project requires math skills!

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