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Setting the Stage

With the explosive popularity of HGTV and decorating magazines, buyers are design savvy and very selective when it comes to buying their next home. They have high expectations and usually very little time or money to renovate their new home right away. Buyers want a beautiful home in which they can picture themselves.

Marketing and sales research shows that 75 per cent of buyers will shop until they find a modern, updated home which is move-in ready. In addition, these buyers will pay more money for that property because the home reflects the lifestyle they aspire to have. Effective preparation and professional merchandising of a property showcases that lifestyle and, in turn, justifies a home’s listing price to prospective buyers.

Airdrie real estate

Just a room without character or purpose. Nothing for the buyer to fall in love with.

Regardless of a home’s price point, if the home’s appearance is marred by clutter, buyers will move on. This is because 81 per cent of buyers find it easier to visualize a property as their next home when it has been professionally staged.

Many home-staging professionals and Realtors tell their clients that buyers are not so much looking for a house, as they are searching for the ideal lifestyle.

Home staging is strategically designed to target the buyers likely to purchase a particular type of home. A professional staging consultant should not only stage a home to appeal to as many buyers as possible, but should also ensure that the presentation appeals to the target audience. This is why professional home staging has been shown to increase a home’s value from three to five per cent.

Airdrie real estate

Beautiful furniture that gives a room purpose so the buyer can fall in love with the lifestyle.

It’s all about making a connection …
to sell your home, a buyer has to fall in love with it! An experienced and knowledgeable staging team will know how vital it is to maximize the value of a property so it stands out online – where more than 95 per cent of buyers shop.

For selling your home, recommendations should all be real-estate based – not decorating tips – focused on making sure your home is set up the best way to sell. By enlisting professional staging services, you ensure that your home will stand out from the crowd and be remembered hours and even days later. Finding a staging company that specializes in real estate staging is a must.

Anita Juska is an interior designer with Plush Home Staging in Airdrie.

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