Coming Full Circle

When David Moore and his fiancée, Nikki Crawford, decided to build a home in King’s Heights in southeast Airdrie, Moore had what he calls a “non-traditional” reason for choosing the community.

“I’ve grown up in Airdrie and lived here almost my entire life,” says Moore, a teacher. “A few of my close friends also grew up in Airdrie and moved to King’s Heights, so I started the process so I could be close to my friends, so our kids could grow up together as we start the next phase of our lives.”

“Building a new home in a community where your children can walk to and from school without ever having to cross a road is a rare opportunity”

Of course the community itself provided charms for Moore and Crawford, an engineer. The two were already living in a condo in King’s Heights before construction began on their new place by Shane Homes that will combine the upstairs from one Shane design with the downstairs from another. “We’re closer to Calgary – the commute is five to seven minutes shorter,” Moore says, adding that the area’s pathways and ponds and close proximity to retail also appealed.

King’s Heights is about 75 per cent completed, says Catharina Mendonca, marketing manager for Melcor Developments, which took over laying out the community in 2005.

“For the most part, the amenities are in,” Mendonca says. This includes more than 10 kilometres of pathways linked to two amphitheatre areas and the ponds Moore and Crawford enjoy. A new public school – the K-7 Heloise Lorimer School – is set to open this fall, with another separate school site also set aside.

The community is laid out in such a way that linear parks and pathways connect many homes directly to the school, Mendonca says. “Building a new home in a community where your children can walk to and from school without ever having to cross a road is a rare opportunity,” she says, adding that an additional large park area is planned.

Kingsview Market, a major commercial hub adjacent to King’s Heights, has been “a big draw for residents,” says Mendonca. “Melcor has a strong vision for building communities where people can live, work, shop and play. With the new Save-On-Foods opening this fall, this commercial centre will have everything from grocery … to health services.”

Looking ahead, Melcor has another neighbourhood planned east of King’s Heights. Dubbed Lanark, the new area is currently in the design phase, with a planned launch within the next couple of years, Mendonca says.

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