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Verona show homeIn today’s economy, buyers are becoming more careful with their money and homebuilders are challenged with raising their game.

Lifestyle Homes, one of the builders in Airdrie’s Cooper’s Crossing, is staying the course. Which in its case means not just building homes that are attractive and functional, but also by focusing on what’s under the floors and behind the walls – things that will keep a home energy efficient, safe and reliable long after the next turnaround.

“What we put into our houses and use for specifications and building materials, we know we’ll never be cheaper than the other guy,” says Brenda Gould, director of marketing and client services.

Lifestyle was established in 1997 and began building in Cooper’s Crossing three years ago. “We saw Airdrie as a very attractive place for families … Airdrie is growing like mad and the amenities are so good,” she says.

Gould describes Cooper’s Crossing as Airdrie’s premier community, and the “Signature” specifications that go into Lifestyle’s homes strive to live up to this.

You have to consider what’s going on behind the walls and under the carpet – that’s what makes your home better.

For example, floor joists are made from PinkWood PKjoists, explains construction manager Mike Babisky. “It’s mould-, moisture- and fire-resistant,” he says. “And the reason it’s ‘pink’ is because a little [of the sales] goes to breast cancer.” The fire-resistancy can add valuable time to escape in the case one breaks out.

“We actually introduced [TV home-improvement guru] Mike Holmes to PinkWood,” Gould adds.

Babisky says other energy-efficient touches include the use of recirculation pumps that allow for instantaneous hot water on demand, “so you’re not holding the tap open with your hand under it waiting for the hot water. On the environmental end … water-wasting is a thing and everyone has water meters on their homes and those things don’t stop.” Every hot water line is also insulated, reducing heat loss between tank and tap.

Other features include ice and water protection on all roof leading edges (which Gould says eliminates ice-damming), furnace systems with 96 per cent efficiency (compared to the 92.5 per cent industry standard, Babisky says), and little touches such as brushed concrete with exposed-aggregate front steps.

“If someone is looking for a less-expensive house, they won’t be getting these things,” says Gould. “You have to consider what’s going on behind the walls and under the carpet – that’s what makes your home better.”

Lifestyle’s homes in Cooper’s Crossing start in the $470,000s, Gould says.

Top image: The gorgeous Verona showhome by Lifestyle Homes.

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