Airdrie residents James and Rachelle's backyard

Backyard Oasis

Starting with a completely empty canvas, Airdrie residents James and Rachelle weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to transform their plot of backyard dirt into an amazing oasis.  Their goal was to create a gathering place where neighbours and friends could come and relax together.

Airdrie backyardWith a yard that now boasts plenty of seating and the added bonus of a pizza oven, their neighbours must be regular visitors!

The yard’s most unique feature is the pizza oven, a great visual focal point and a fantastic way to cook while entertaining outdoors. The oven kit was purchased at Home Hardware and assembled onsite.

All of the woodwork, including the pergola, dining set and low deck, was done by James. When the drapes are drawn, the pergola creates a great shady space in this sunny backyard.IMG_0003

There’s no mowing or maintenance here! James and Rachelle added a pop of colour with fake grass by Perfect Turf.

The herb garden planter is growing garlic, shallots, chives, basil and oregano. A great source for fresh herbs to top that pizza going into the stone pizza oven!

IMG_0005Two extra seating areas are great places to read a book or enjoy that morning coffee outdoors.

The unique fence flower planters (top) were inspired by a Pinterest idea and add a great accent to the space.


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