Backyard Bliss

Wendy Bates-Wiebe’s fantastic yard has four separate lounging spaces, giving friends the opportunity to spread out and have more intimate conversations.

There are two areas on the upper deck, and two areas in the lower yard. The entire yard is lawn free, so there is very little maintenance, allowing more time for outdoor fun.

Photographer Kristy Reimer explored the space this summer to get these awesome images.


  1. The Shed:

A brilliant idea of turning a backyard shed into a wine bar! Friends can hang out on the tall bar stools with their drinks while watching the game or a movie on TV. Inside the shed there is more seating and ample room for a bartender, plus storage for glassware, drinks and media equipment.

  1. The Firepit Area:

The largest yard space is the firepit area. With ample seating, larger groups can chill and make s’mores while playing tunes on guitars with friends.

  1. The Dining Area:

A private pergola surrounds the patio table for outdoor dinners. As the sun goes down the lighting gives this area a nice ambience.

  1. The Outdoor Living Room:

An après-dinner lounging space is great for cooler evenings. A gas firepit gives off lots of cozy heat, and a gazebo surrounds the area for lots of privacy and shade. When the drapes are open, lovely trees separate it from the neighbours; when the drapes are drawn, the sun makes shadows of the trees on the drapes like a painting.

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