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A Place to Play

Cooper’s Crossing’s new gem, Discovery Park, was opened in the fall of 2015, much to the delight of residents and visitors to the community.

Located along Cooper’s Drive, the 1.5-acre park offers a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

Discovery Park includes two large play structures, a basketball court, a covered picnic area with a fire pit, and Horseshoe Hill – the park’s popular toboggan hill.

The park’s crown jewel, however, is its aspen forest underplanted with native prairie grasses and wildflowers.

According to Paul Gerla, general manager of WestMark Holdings – the developer responsible for the family-friendly destination – Discovery Park was envisioned as a multi-generational facility.

“To make a community great requires amenities that appeal to a variety of age groups,” says Gerla.

“We were keen to create a place the neighbourhood kids would go nuts for … and make adults wish they were kids again.”

Gerla says the park was designed after extensive consultation with youth, their parents and grandparents.

“We sat down with kids and flipped through catalogues of the coolest playground equipment, and they hand-picked elements for two awesome play structures,” says Gerla. “They also expressed a desire for a forest to explore with logs and rocks to climb, so we planted hundreds of trees to make it happen.”

Gerla says the park’s green spaces were created to encourage imaginative play, explaining the trees will offer an-ever changing atmosphere as they mature.

According to Gerla, the popular, spacious picnic area with room to park strollers and lay out snacks and gear was created at the request of parents.

The thought put into the park’s amenities has resulted in a space that is well liked  and used – by the community, says Gerla, noting the space has also become a neighbourhood gathering spot.

“It’s not uncommon to see multiple families set up camp and spend the entire afternoon playing, talking, sharing lunch with one another,” adds Gerla.

Discovery Park is located midway between the Cooper’s Crossing central pond and the neighbourhood’s new shopping centre, Cooper’s Town Promenade, and is easily accessible by using the extensive pathway system found in the community.

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