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2015 trends for indoor/outdoor gardening


Gardening has been changing and evolving over the past several years and there are lots of exciting new products being introduced this year, too!

Products have changed to cater to today’s lifestyles to include plenty of low-maintenance and aesthetically appealing designs. Some trends have carried over from last year – such as container gardening, raised gardens, terrariums, miniature gardens and water features; and many others are making comebacks from years past. New product introductions are making gardening easier and more appealing with movements of buying locally, growing your own, eating organically and reusing.

Let’s explore some of the new trends together.

Vertical gardening is hugely popular as outdoor spaces are getting smaller. This is a great way to green up your space and not use a large footprint. More options for containers are available and most include a watering system. There is also the idea of reusing and repurposing by using pallets to make vertical gardens. The vertical walls can be used to grow annuals, vegetables, herbs and even indoor plants.

Raised gardens and container planting still remain very popular, as these allow people to grow edibles almost anywhere. As urbanization and city living continues to increase, more people have balconies and other small spaces but still want to be able to grow their own or enjoy some greenery. Growing your own is popular because of the health benefits of growing organically and knowing where your food is from. Raised gardens are also popular because they are ergonomically designed, making gardening a time and labour saver. Many new styles and ideas are available, from wood boxes and reusable bags to plastic containers, pots and more.

‘Ketchup and fries’ is probably the biggest and newest trend for this year. Picture this: a tomato plant with tomatoes growing above ground while underneath, potatoes are growing on the same plant. You benefit from two crops on one plant. This idea and trend will surely expand into other veggies in the coming years. The idea is amazing in that you can grow twice as much food from one plant and it takes up less space. Space-saving combination plants have been around for years with multi-grafted trees, but the concept is now moving into other areas. And when you harvest in late summer you have a meal preplanned for you.

Bright colours have made a huge comeback and this is no exception for the gardening world. You will now find that many of your traditional garden pieces are brightly coloured in vibrant greens, reds, yellows, blues and more. Choose from pots, planters, furniture and decor items. Your garden is sure to draw attention and make you smile every day.

Enjoy and have fun, make sure to experiment with gardening and don’t be afraid to try something new. Gardening is meant to be an extension of our inside and show who we are.

– Lisa Silva is marketing manager with Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centre

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