Amazing Airdrie Women


Story By airdrielife,

February 27, 2018

Victoria-Lynn Scattergood

Amazing Courage

Victoria-Lynn Scattergood’s courage and determination are an example to others.

She is now a successful entrepreneur with a bright future, but life wasn’t always this easy for the 20-something Airdrian.

When Scattergood was about 15, she began struggling with anxiety and depression, which progressed to the point where sometimes she couldn’t get out of bed or leave her parent’s basement.

This difficult stage persisted for five years, but slowly, with the help of her best friend and mom, as well as her doctor, Scattergood began to overcome her mental health issues.

She got the final motivation she needed when she got her dog Keetha, who Scattergood trained to be her service dog.

After working with her own dog, Scattergood found a career path.

“I saw a need in Airdrie, and I wanted to fill that need,” she says. “I thought, what better way to give back to the [animals] that have helped me so much.”

Now Scattergood’s dog-walking business, Wild Tails, is a success, keeping her busy and motivating her to continue to overcome her anxiety and depression, which she admits she is still learning to manage.

Scattergood’s mom, Jacqueline Scattergood, couldn’t be prouder of her daughter.

“[She demonstrates to] those around her that determination, strength and courage to overcome her obstacles are an asset to her growth,” says Jacqueline, noting her daughter encourages others to grow in the same way.

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