Amazing Airdrie Women


Story By airdrielife,

February 27, 2018

Veronique Dewilde

Amazing Determination

Life hasn’t always been easy for Veronique Dewilde, but she has never let that stop her from going above and beyond in her job as a financial planner.

She immigrated to Canada from Belgium 18 years ago and worked hard as a single mom. But when she first arrived, Dewilde found it difficult to find unbiased tax advice. She became determined to educate herself in this and other financial areas, which eventually led to her becoming a financial advisor.

Dewilde gained financial independence and now offers free tax advice to families because she “likes helping the average person.”

But her giving nature doesn’t stop there. Dewilde recently took on the challenge of helping the Short family, all four of whom suffer from serious health problems.

She is on a mission to obtain a wheelchair-accessible van for the family to help their son gain independence, hopes to raise $5,000 to help the family become debt free, and is also setting up a disability savings plan to ensure their son has financial independence as an adult.

Tammy Short is grateful: “Veronique has helped us in ways I never thought possible, and I will be forever grateful for her hard work and compassion.”

Dewilde is humble about her contributions.

“Once you make a difference in someone’s life, that has a ripple effect,” she says.

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