Amazing Airdrie Women


Story By airdrielife,

February 27, 2018

Nicole Jones

Amazing Heart

Nicole Jones’s amazing heart compels her to live an extraordinary life of service in developing countries.

The 2008 Bert Church High School valedictorian recently spent three years helping families become self-reliant in South Africa as part of a community development NGO.

Her work involved cultivating relationships and teaching single mothers alternative farming methods to help them escape reliance on government support for their families of up to 15 people.

Now back in Airdrie, Jones is working with Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC) World Partners, liaising with corporations, churches and individuals to help change the cycle of dependency on charity that exists in some parts of the world.

Jones’s passion for international work began when she was just 14, while on a service trip to Colombia.

“That profoundly changed my world view,” she says of the experience, explaining that when she arrived home she became involved in charity work.

As her passion grew, Jones realized she could pursue a career of service to others.

Jones remains committed to that goal. In fact, she and her fiancé plan to work abroad in community development.

Jones explains that she believes everyone is connected, and are all responsible for one another’s well-being.

“Life isn’t just about ourselves; if you have the knowledge and passion … you are obligated to share it and improve the lives of others,” she says.

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