Amazing Airdrie Women


Story By airdrielife,

February 27, 2018

Kimberley Ford

Amazing Heart


The year 2015 was a tough one for Kimberley Ford, but rather than giving up, the mother of five used the life-altering experiences as motivation to follow her passion and give back.

That year included her husband being laid off from work; Ford being diagnosed with a heart condition; a traumatic car accident; and health complications for extended family.

The tumultuous year left Ford with post-traumatic stress disorder and in physical therapy, so she turned to a lifelong love of cooking for therapy.

“I decided to change my life … and make it worthwhile,” she says, explaining she started surprising neighbours with dinners and lunch that often included a mason jar of homemade soup, Ford’s specialty.

The practice grew and eventually Ford was nicknamed the “Souper Lady.”

She is known for her surprise lunches, which she has provided for local businesses, schools and service providers, and for her volunteer catering, including providing free lunch for more than 220 seniors and adults with disabilities at a recent event.

“It makes me feel amazing,” says Ford of her efforts. “I always practice paying it forward because I know life is too short.”

Rodney Ford is amazed by his wife, saying, “she is exceptionally gifted when it comes to cooking, giving and compassion for others

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